LLHG AGM September 19th 2019

LLHG AGM September 19th 2019

Welcome to Members

Present: Andy Chapman, Mary de Soyres, Carol Hicks, Barbara Taylor, Shirley Knapp, Norman Knapp, Doreen Wright, Liz White, Marion Cleveland Ross King, Zara Jenkins Apologies: Joan Baraclough, Ron Titmus

Matters arising from the previous meetings


Chairman’s Report + Q & A

Andy thanked the group for help making the year productive as well as interesting. The quiz made a profit and was enjoyed by all. Lunchtime meeting went down well and the fete display and WW1 ceremony were a triumph for all involved. The group is in a strong position for the 2019 -20 season. He gave a special thank you to Doreen who has taken over the position of Treasurer and done a wonderful job.

Treasures Report + Q & A

Doreen produced a spreadsheet report showing we are financially stable with hardly any change from last years result. The group invested in display equipment and has a stock worth £250. She also thanked Jack Brown for his large donation.

Confirmation of Officers

Chairman: Proposed by Mary seconded by Doreen – Andy Chapman
Treasurer: Proposed by Carol seconded by Andy – Doreen Wright
Secretary: Proposed by Liz seconded by Andy – Ron Titmus

Membership payments (£5) Mary de Soyres
Andy Chapman
Carol Hicks
Shirley Knapp
Norman Knapp
Liz White
Barbara Taylor
Marion Cleveland`
Doreen Wright
Ross King
Zara Jenkins

We would like to welcome two new members to the group Ross and Zara who live in Brocket Road and Great North Road respectively.

Annual Quiz

Is on 26th Nov hosted by Welwyn History Society, venue Civic Hall – Teams to be arranged.


The group was happy with last years format and agreed we carry on with our next meeting in October; a lunchtime meeting to be arranged.

Planning to view and collate archives was suggested by Doreen and Barbara after they had started with Jeremy Summer’s notes and maps donated by his widow Shirley. A day will be arranged before Christmas.

The evening ended with a talk on the Great North Road by Andy. The annex was full and refreshments were served. Thank you to all those who helped in setting up and serving refreshments. C GNR talk report below)

The feedback was positive and we are looking forward to our next presentation in November ‘Brocket Hall’

Next Meeting 22nd October – Lunchtime - Venue to be announced

The Group started its 2019 -20 season with a talk on ‘The History of the Great North Road’ after this year’s AGM. We found out where Lemsford got its name and the part the Romans played in developing Lemsford. In the Golden Age of Lemsford when the Great North Road went through Lemsford it is said as many as 150 coaches a day passed through. All the inns would have offered food and drink for the travellers. Accommodation would have been provided if required. Wheelwrights and blacksmiths were available to service the wagons and horses. Stabling for the horses would also have been provided. The talk also included the history of Brocket Road, New Road and Great North Road as it developed in the 1920’s Below the development of Stanborough from 1923 – 1938.

Below is an outline of our 2019 -20 programme which includes research on GNR, Brocket Road and New Road between 1920 and 1940. Every time I have walked down GNR or Brocket Road over the last 25 years to visit the village I often wonder how the houses developed. It’s one of the few housing developments I have seen that has produced such a variety of house designs, how did this happen? We hope to solve this mystery and present it at the fete in 2020. Every house has a story and we will arrange meetings during the year when residents can join us to show deeds where possible and provide memories we can record for as many houses in this area to help produce a comprehensive picture. An added bonus is finding out about the various shops and businesses that have disappeared from Stanborough and could have been run from your house. Who knew about the garage serving petrol between the Old Bull and No 1 Great North Road (Bury Cottages). See image below. Our 2019-20 season includes talks on Brocket Hall (Thursday Nov 21st 7.30pm), Memory Lane (Thursday Feb 27th, 2020 2.30pm) and Lemsford Village (Thursday April 30th, 2020 7.30pm). We are a small group who enjoy researching the local area combined with days out and lunches in the local pubs. We have an annual quiz and a display at Lemsford Fete in May 2020 on the development of Stanborough from the 1920s to present day. We hope to have a special day out with a visit to Brocket Hall, house and gardens with a high tea. Membership is £5 a year and includes free entrance to all talks and an invitation to our lunchtime meetings. Non-members are welcome to our talks at a cost of £2 per talk Contact Info@lemsfordhistory.co.uk Website www.lemsfordhistorynews.co.uk

LLHG 2001 to Present Day

At Our first meeting in 2001 we elected Revd. Ron Ingamells as Chairman its aim was to study all aspects of the history and the people of this area - both ancient and modern. On passed on the chair to local man Jeremy Summers a retired film director who lived in Cromer Hyde. In 2007 Joan Baraclough a long time member carried on the good work the previous chairman’s had built up with a comprehensive archive collected and collated by late Stan Borrie. Stan’s son Richard built a website for the group. When Joan stepped down in 2011 long term member and local man Andy Chapman became chairman, He continued on the same guidelines, developing the website and overseeing various publications, the regular meetings and the odd trip out. I was during this period we started the annual quiz with Welwyn District History Group which continues to the Day. In 2017 Pete Davis became our 5th Chairman. In 2018 Andy Chapman was re-elected and has continued with the quiz, village fete and regular meetings including more social events, carrying on the reputation of the group in continuing extending the archive.

  • Revd. Ron Ingamells 2001 - 2002
  • Jeremy Summers 2002 - 2007
  • Joan Baraclough 2007 - 2011
  • Andy Chapman 2011 - 2017
  • Pete Davis 2017 - 2018
  • Andy Chapman 2018 - Present Day